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The Zimbabwe Land and Agrarian Network (ZiLAN) aims to improve the participation of CSOs in lobbying and advocating for land and agrarian policies in favor of small producers, most of whom are women. ZiLAN brings different land NGOs under a formalized Network to “speak” with a unified strong voice on land and agrarian policy issues in Zimbabwe, as well as share information, contacts and experiences. This pertains to the weak position of small producers in the new agrarian markets and land tenure security of different categories of landholders especially the vulnerable groups such as women and farm workers. The network deploys evidence based research to support policy advocacy and lobbying in the agrarian sector. Members of the network have also benefitted from support through training initiatives that have enhanced their capacities.

The network brings together several local civil society organisations working in the land and agrarian sector with different expertise and resources for a coordinated land policy analysis and advocacy interventions from non-state actors. The amplification of voices and solidarity has been extended beyond local to regional connections with organizations engaged in similar struggles in Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Such connections have proved to be both transformational (expanding spaces for participation) as well as developmental (through the exchange of experiences and approaches contributing to enhanced capacities among network members

State,  Smallholder  farmers  and  Investments:  Insights  on  the  ‘New  Dispensation’  in Zimbabwe.

The major challenge faced post Fast Track Land Reform (FTLRP) in Zimbabwe has been how to finance  agrarian  production  given  the  capital  flight,  the  attendant  international  isolation  and  an expanded  peasantry  base  (Moyo  and  Nyoni  2013).  Literature  shows  massive  declines  in agricultural credit, structural shifts in the producer base and differentiated commodity fluctuations in  terms  of  volume  and  value.  Despite  all  this,  most  literature  acknowledges  the  redistributive outcomes  of  the  FTLRP.Following  political  developments  which  ushered  in  the  ‘new administration’ on the 24th of November 2017 and subsequently through the harmonised elections held on the 31st of July 2018, a strong affirmation has been made regarding the irreversibility of the programmes and policies relating to the land  reforms of the 2000s and that the principle of repossessing the land remain unchallengeable.

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MISSION: To promote the creation of an enabling environment for inclusive, prosperous and sustainable land and agriculture-based livelihoods.

VISION: Sustainable and shared prosperity among  land and agriculture dependent Zimbabweans, particularly smallholders farmers.

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